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Experience a streamlined process to sell land in Virginia. No fees, no closing costs, no stress. Enjoy quick and hassle-free transactions, saving you time and effort.

Our Guarantees


A No Fee Solution

The offer you sign is the amount we pay you.

Top Notch Service

Top Notch Service

We promise to overcommunicate and update you every step of the way.

No Obligation

No Obligation

Your only sacrifice is 60 seconds of your time to fill out the form and receive a no obligation offer.

Fast & Secure Closing

Fast & Secure Closing

We only work with certified and licensed Attorneys, Title Companies and Notaries that can be easily verified and validated.

Our Guarantees

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Quickly Sell Your Virginia Land with The Land Buyer Pros

The Land Buyer Pros provides swift cash offers for undeveloped land, vacant lots, and properties of diverse sizes across Virginia. As a trustworthy land-buying company, our primary focus is you—the seller. We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless and positive experience selling land in Virginia.

Working with The Land Buyer Pros means you won’t have to worry about working with real estate agents, dealing with random property fees, or having to pay any closing costs. If you’re looking for a fresh start or aiming to unlock your property’s value but are still deciding how to sell your land in Virginia, we are here to help you. It is simple to sell your land in Virginia with The Land Buyers Pros – we will be your reliable partners for a quick and hassle-free transaction!

It's Simple. Period.

Our Simple Four-Step Process Means You Get Results Fast

Step 1


Contact us

Reach out by filling out our Contact Form or give us a call at 832-230-2874. One of our friendly, knowledgeable team members will promptly get in touch to help you.

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Step 2

$0 Professional Consultation

We’ll have a phone or video call to discuss your land’s details. Afterwards, we will provide you with ideal solutions on how to get the absolute best value for your land. This assistance is free and it’s our pleasure to help!

Cash Back

Step 3

Get a Cash Offer Estimate

After the consultation, we’ll personally visit your land to craft the best sales strategy. Most of the time, we make cash offers on the spot after assessing your property.

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Step 4

Sell Your Land for CASH

Upon accepting our offer, all parties sign a contractual agreement, and full payments are made in 30 days or less. We’re not like those other companies that make an offer and then never move on it. We stay in touch with you on a weekly basis and make sure all the details are handled.

WARNING: We Are NOT Your Typical Land Buyers in Virginia! Here’s what sets The Land Buyer Pros Apart

Realtor Commissions?

Forget About It! In today's market, realtor commissions can cost you an arm and a leg – typically 6%, or up to 30% if your property is under $20k. But that's not all: some won't even take you on if your property is considered "too small." At The Land Buyer Pros, we believe every property deserves attention, no matter its size.

Say Adios to Closing Costs

Typically, buyers are burdened with closing costs, which is thousands of dollars out of your pocket. We're flipping the script here: when we make you a cash offer, rest assured you'll receive every single cent without any hidden costs.

Sell Your Land at Lightning Speed

Today, it can take anywhere from 4 to a staggering 24+ months to sell land. Who has time for that? At The Land Buyer Pros, once we agree on the price, we launch the process to get your land sold ASAP – in as little as 30 days.

Security is Our Priority

We prioritize your security and privacy. We use a licensed and certified title company for every sale, and we’ll never sell or transmit your information.

Seasoned Pros

We're not just buyers; we're experienced professionals. We've purchased hundreds of properties in every condition imaginable, and we're here to answer every question you have.

Any Size, Any Condition

We purchase property as-is. No need for cleanup. Regardless if there is a barn, an old mobile home or just plain junk on the property, we still want it!

Ultra Simplified and Dummy-Proof

Today’s world has become bloated with rules and complexity around selling land – but we boil it down and make it easy. Even if you’ve never sold a property in your life, you’ll find our process straightforward and simple: just as it should be.

We’re standing by to help you sell!

Meet our happy sellers

Candice R.
“I had a great experience. I was more than pleased with their customer service. They over communicated each step of the process and closed in less than a month. Super friendly and highly recommended.”

Candice R.

Sarah G.
“They were wonderful to work with purchasing our land. The process was very smooth and Frank communicated quickly with any questions or issues! We will certainly look at any offers they present for future land sale before any other route.”

Sarah G.

Kevin M.
“This was a very easy purchase. Bree was great to work with and right on top for the process as questions came up that needed attention. I would absolutely work with her in the future”

Kevin M.

Yes! I'm Ready to Sell My Land

Pertinent Questions We Are Asked Every Day

Selling Concerns

No, you do not need to be physically present to sell your land. All aspects of the land-selling process can be handled remotely. Any documents will be signed either electronically or at your local certified notary.  

Unlike traditional realtors who typically charge commissions ranging from 6-10% or flat rates in the thousands, our company does not impose any fees or commissions when selling your land. We prioritize transparency and aim to provide a fair and hassle-free experience for our clients. With us, you can be rest assured that you’ll receive a fair offer without any hidden costs or commissions eating into your profits.

The land-selling process can vary significantly depending on the method chosen. Selling through a realtor or independently can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months due to market conditions and the time required for property showings, negotiations, and paperwork. However, when working with us, we strive to expedite the process and aim to close within 30 days after securing a signed contract, providing a quicker and more efficient transaction for our clients.

To determine the value of your land, we utilize a comprehensive approach that involves leveraging our extensive resources and expertise. This includes evaluating recently sold properties in the area, considering the location and potential uses of the land, as well as any existing or required property improvements. By conducting a thorough assessment, we are able to provide you with a fair and competitive price for your property.

In Virginia, the taxes associated with selling land typically involve property taxes, which are usually minimal, ranging from $10 to $500 annually. However, if there are significant back taxes owed, we may offer the option to cover these taxes to facilitate the sale. Rest assured, our team will provide any required assistance to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

Legal Concerns

No worries. We are in the business of solving problems. We have worked with this issue on several occasions. Give us a call and we will work closely with you to fill in the appropriate documents to legally sell.

Not an issue. There is still value in your land. We will make you an offer and you will still leave the closing table with funds in your pocket.

This is not a concern. A deed is a legally recorded document. As long as the property was properly purchased, we can acquire a copy of the deed in the county records.

Closing Concerns

A title search is a process of investigating the ownership history of a property to identify any potential title defects. A title search is important to ensure that the seller has a clear title to the property and can legally sell the land.

You will only leave the closing table with payment for your property. You will not pay for a survey (if one is required) and you will not be responsible for closing costs, which typically is required in a standard sale. We have you covered.

No, you have the option for an in person closing or a remote closing. You can come in person to the title office to sign the deed and receive payment directly or you can handle the closing remotely in which you will travel to a certified notary to sign necessary documents.